Pat Parelli

Image of Pat Parelli - Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Born in California’s Bay Area, Pat Parelli was obsessed with horses at an early age. When Pat was just 13 his talents were recognized and he spent his summers learning how to be natural with horses, dogs and cattle.

At the age of 17, Pat Parelli launched himself into rodeos, his favorite event being the bareback riding. Pat won the Bareback Rookie of the Year title in 1972, and his buck-off average just 4%. Determined to find life after rodeo, he started a business training colts, but soon got frustrated and resisted the idea that horses should be treated like inanimate object.

Troy Henry helped Pat understand the true dynamics of horsemanship and being an intense student, Pat developed his own style of teaching.

In 1983, while performing bridle-less at the California Livestock Symposium, Pat met three men who significantly contributed to his horsemanship knowledge: Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Ronnie Willis – all masters who became Pat’s mentors.

When we look at Pat’s life now – we see that both Linda and Pat Parelli are fulfilling the Parelli goal of helping make the world a better place for horses and humans.

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